Iceland – day 4

18 juli, 2016

Free days are normally what you long for during the time consisting of school work and early mornings. I think many Swedes were a bit nervous about what was on the schedule for the day.

The hosts (most of them) planned on being “good hosts” and show us all that’s worth seeing in Akureyri. Most of us were occupied all day, which must’ve been relieving for many people since the awkwardness of just sitting in the home of a family whom you just met a couple of days ago, “stealing” WiFi and exchanging the occasional:

- “want something to eat?”

- “no thanks”


- “this cactus was actually bought in Reykjavik.”

- “Really?” etc.

It is quite nice to see a huge waterfall going by the name “gódafoss”, visiting Icelands Blue Lagoon equivalent and petting some cows at a place called “cow café” instead of just having the normal Swedish sunday.

We were going to see the “Christmas cabin” (a place where it’s christmas all year round) but it was unfortunately closed – christmas will have to wait 208 days till I see it again.

Since this was the free day with no group activities planned each and every person did different things; underage driving (Jacob!), bathing in lagoons, spending a couple of thousand isks or visiting the Icelandic nature.

Day four passed quickly.

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