Iceland – day 3

16 juli, 2016

I started this day by waking up two hours earlier than I needed to because nobody told me we started at 10, and I’m not a morning person. But luckily this was a road trip day, so we were just on a bus for the first hour. Which by the way isn’t as bad as it sounds. I love the Icelandic landscapes.

Our first stop was at Hofsós, a place in the middle of nowhere (just like everything else in this country) which had a pool with an amazing view over the sea. The few meters from the house to the pool and vice versa was freezing because of the icy winds, but it was nice once you got into the water. After a little while I got goosebumps so I went up to get ice cream.

After that we went to Siglufjörður to eat lunch. And when we got to the place, it was closed, and the sign on the door said it didn’t open until June. So when we didn’t know what do to, someone found an open wi-fi and then we were just standing there, downloading Fallout shelter and talking about pencils. It turned out though ten minutes later, it was the wrong restaurant. And I honestly don’t know how the teachers managed to mix them together because they were far away from each other and looked nothing alike.

We got to the place anyhow only ten minutes late and had an amazing lunch buffet with icelandic fish, lamb lasagna, and the spinach soup that was very appreciated. After lunch me, Pontus and Micke took a walk around the port and when we came back, the bus was gone! Just kidding. We were a little late though, but of course they wouldn’t leave without me.

When we got back to Akureyri some hours later everyone were free to do what they wanted along with their hosts. I went with two Icelanders and two Swedes to what the Icelanders called a forest but I would call it a park, but it’s understandable because Iceland barely have any forests at all compared to Sweden.

In the evening, all the kids went to cinema to see the new Alice in wonderland sequel ”Through the looking glass”.

Short review of ”Alice through the looking glass”:
It was a good movie, with good special effects and really talented actors. But it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. It was missing the wonderland feeling, because I felt like it wasn’t really there. At first I was a little skeptical to the plot because it felt sort of lame compared to the last movie, but they managed to make it better longer into the movie. So I wouldn’t say it was a bad movie, because it wasn’t, I still enjoyed watching it. You got a lot of backstory which was interesting and fun and it was well performed. Some parts were really touching and almost made me tear up (I’m that kind of a person). But I didn’t get the wonderland feeling I was expecting and it’s really hard to live up to the last movie, and sadly the last movie was a lot better. But if you liked ”Alice in wonderland” I would still recommend this movie, but I would maybe not rewatch it as I would with the first one.

Finally, after the cinema and after a short stroll downtown, me and my host took an ice cream on the way home. Vanilla cone with cookie dough bites. Yum.



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