Iceland – day 2

14 juli, 2016

Day 2: Bad wifi and famous ice cream

IMG_3233 Day two started early and the weather was bad, Iceland is a really windy country.

But it didn’t really matter because we were supposed to be inside and programming to finish the game. At eight o’clock all of the Swedish kids brought their computers to the school and we were all looking forward to get back to working with our games.

But Síðuskóla had misunderstood one thing. You need Wifi to program. The internet was really bad, but Micke fixed it in a strange way. So in the end every group had something to say about their games.

After all the struggle with technology it was time for lunch. We had heard it wasn’t the best, but the truth is the it wasn’t edible.

It was supposed to be what we in Sweden calls “risgrynsgröt” but well, it didn’t tasted like that. Milk with rice, liver and raisins. And carrots dipped in sugar!

But happily we had a lot of fun the rest of the day, we went swimming again in outdoors pools (the water was really cold). On Iceland they have a special tradition, you are supposed to sit in a hot tub for a while and after that jump in a ice cold barrel. My hosts parents did this every morning!

IMG_3232But like I said, it was a lovely evening that ended on a really expensive and over priced restaurant. We laughed, ate our really yummy pizzas and salads and talked all night. Around eight we paid the bill and went for some famous Iclandic ice cream place.

Summary of day 2 = amazing!

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