Iceland – day 1

12 juli, 2016

Nu under sommaren kommer du som läsare att få veta hur det var att åka till Island i en vecka och programmera spel tillsammans med eleverna där. Från bladet skickade vi tre journalister som noga antecknade alla händelser! Språket blir engelska, så även våra isländska vänner kan läsa artiklarna.

Day 1

Day 1 included flights, strolls at the airport and 8 hour long bus rides; it was also the day we, the Swedes, met our host families.

The day started at approximately four in the morning: all of the Swedes in the Iceland group met up at Arlanda airport to catch the flight together which departed at 8 a.m.

For most people the flight was pleasant with action comedies rolling on the tiny TV-screens placed right in front of your face or had music playing in headphones.

After three hours we finally arrived on the airport placed at the outskirts of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. After a quick stop dedicated to stock up on snacks and soda the infamous bus ride resumed. Since we are tourist we had to stop at the “Althing”, a huge “crack” in the ground caused by two continents meeting at that point: it drifts approximately 5 mm every year. A long time ago the leaders of Iceland used to meet there to discuss the future etc.

The bus (which was feared by many) actually ended up being pretty fun with quiz competitions and odd music playing non-stop.

When arriving at the school in Akureyri the Icelandic group and their families were waiting there – we went to their homes and got to know them and their habits a bit better!

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