Terry Pratchett The End

14 mars, 2015

terryWhen it reached me that you had past away an emptiness filled me. I’ve only just found you Terry. And you’re already gone.

It’s strange how you can form a devotion to a person you have never met. I’ve read somewhere that you shouldn’t believe that you know the writer just because you’ve read the books. But from my experience – which is not at all that big – the writer and the reader have some sort of secret agreement. Because when the writer allows us to read the words, he also allows us to look into the deepest space of his heart and soul. And you can’t describe the weight of that trust.

I’m only half through Good Omens, but the way that book has already helped me is ineffable. And the feeling I have read have not disappeared, so in that way you are still here. I have not reached the end yet; the Angel and the Demon still have time to figure out a way to prevent the Armageddon from happening – since they like Earth and don’t want the world to end just yet. But you did not have that option and the 12th of March your story ended.

Terry you will be missed. But in a way you will still be here, you’ve left a part of yourself behind with us and for that we are grateful. Thank you for the joy you’re making us feel. All the days you’ve been with us have indeed been very nice.

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