Interview from abroad: Jenný Björnsdóttir

26 januari, 2015

As you may already know the programming club of our school, and Inez Sigvardson and I from the school paper went to Iceland in November last year. We spent a week programming and socializing with some icelandic students from Akureyri. I made an interview with my host Jenný about the week, being a host, and swedish. Read it here, better late than never! (And in fact, we are only half way through the entire project, since some Icelandic students are visiting Sweden in May this year).

IMG_0623 - beskuren

Why are you in this project?

- I’m a host, and I’m not really in the class. But yeah, I don’t know really.

But that’s good!

- Yeah! I like it, it’s fun. It’s a lot fun.

Have you been programming before?

- No, it’s the first time.

And have you learned anything?

- Yeah, I learned a lot.

Like what?

 - Ehm, I learned to… Program. Lots of little details and well, lot of computers.

Haha, yeah. What do you think about being a host?

- It’s a lot of fun!

I hoped to get that answer! Was it like you expected?

- Haha, no! I thought it was going to be a lot more awkward.

So would you recommend it for others?

 - Yeah, I really do.

That sounds great. And have you recognized some differences between the icelandic students and the swedish?

- Oh, no. Not really. Maybe some culture and stuff like that.


- Yeah, food. But not really, no.

What has been the best in this week?

- Hmm, I don’t know! Everything has been so much fun so it’s all blend together.

Any day that was the best?

- I don’t know, maybe when we went to Mývatn. It was a lot of fun.


- When we went to the Christmas House, that was a lot of fun too.

Yeah, that was fun too. And why was it so fun going to Mývatn?

- It was fun because we just got to know each other a lot more. And yeah, that’s pretty it. We got to know each other a lot better.

And do you wanna come to Sweden in May?

- Yeah! I really do.

Can you say something in swedish?

- Oh no… Ko!

Ko? That means cow.

- Oh! Haha, just roll with that!

What was you thinking about?

- Seven… Haha!

Ah, seven, sorry! That’s ”sju”.

- ”Sju”.

Thank you very much for this short interview.

- You’re welcome, it was a lot of fun.

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