Iceland day 5

22 november, 2014

Before I came to Iceland, I thought that it would be really cold. But it isn’t. It may be some degrees colder than in Sweden, but it doesn’t rain so the weather is basically better here.

The Friday began with some programming, I think all the groups are working really hard, and will continue the work when we get home. We have also written some goals for our game, things we are going to do before the Icelandic students come to Sweden in May. After the break, we participated in a card game tournament. It was fun but a little difficult since most of people spoke Icelandic to each other.

An hour later when the game was over – it went surprisingly well – some of the Swedes visited an English lesson.

We have only eaten lunch in the school canteen twice and both times we got soup. But they were very different. Tuesday we got an Icelandic meat soup, and yesterday we got chocolate soup. Since almost all the Swedes have an addiction to chocolate, the majority should have liked it, but I think it was too sweet even for us.

After lunch everybody took the bus Downtown beacuse we were going to have a little treasure hunt. All the groups got a paper each, with different tasks. It was missions like: Find ”this” café and find out what a cappuccino costs, and find a woman older than 60 and ask for her name and age. Our group came in third place.

Then a little group of Swedes and Icelanders went and got some icecream. After that we walked for a while, and three people fell behind, because of the beautiful view, and when we had reached the shopping center we found our friends sitting in the sofas at Jysk. Yes! They have it in Iceland too!

Later that evening we saw the new Hungergames movie at the cinema. After 15 minutes someone farted really loud and the whole theater started laughing, including us. In the middle of the movie, everything stopped and it was break. The Swedes got really confused because we have never had a movie-break before. During the break we went to buy popcorn, which resulted in us missing some parts of the movie.     

The week has gone very fast, and we have done so much fun. I’m not looking forward to the long bus and flight journey home.

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