Iceland, day 4

21 november, 2014

Already thursday. I just realised that half of the week has gone by, time does really go fast.

I’m sitting in the canteen of the school writing this. There is a ”LAN” this evening and everyone are either stuck at their computer, playing FIFA or like us journalists, talking and not really knowing what to do. Mostly showing each other hotties in the computers.

Some of us went to a Danish lesson today. In the icelandic elemetary school everyone has to learn Danish instead of French, German or Spanish, like in Sweden. But in the gymnasium they get to learn those languages too. They were making short plays about fears and we could join them, in swedish though… Later on the swedish students went to some museums, one which had a Christmas exhibition. We got to know lots of things about the Christmas traditions in the old days and about the thirteen Santa Clauses that come, one each day, thirteen days before Christmas. We learned how these tales where told to scare the children in the 1800′s. At these times there was a lack of food and it was said that different Santas would come and steal something edible or even kidnap the children. Their mother was a horrible cannibal. I think we all appreciated the tour even though a few people got really tired.

After the ordinary activities some of us went down town to one of the student’s parents’ work. They had a gaming room where we played billiards, dart games and had some hot chocolate of course.

This night we could actally see some northerm lights as well! This place is really living up to my expectations.

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