Iceland, day 3

20 november, 2014

I think many of the Swedish students will, when we get home, say that the Wednesday was the most fun and exciting day. Because today we went to Mývatn, which is a, according to Wikipedia ”shallow eutrophic lake situated in an area of active volcanism”.

My morning started  with a knock on the door, Lísbet, my host, promised to wake me up, and she did. But I was still the last one at the breakfast table, and the last one to get out of the door.
We went to Mývatn by bus, and we saw really beautiful valleys and mountains, and I think the Swedes were excited to see the snow. Because it haven’t snowed since April in Sweden.

We took a lot of pictures of the cool ”vulcano rocks” and then some people went to the hot springs and some  went hiking.
It felt really good to get in the hot water, after the walk in the cold weather. The water is rich in silica and sulphur and it’s good if you have skin problems.

We had our lunch at Daddi’s pizza house, in the middle of nowhere situated in between two volcanos. The woman in charge told us about the area; the sheep had been moved away from the volcanic area due to the pollution coming from Bardarbunga. We could actually see the pollution in the sky, like a streak of pink.

Later in the afternoon, me and some friends went to the christmas house in Akureyri, which is like a house with christmas decorations, candy and food. Did you guys know that they have 13 Santas in Iceland?

In the evening we got together again and studied. It feels really good to speak english all the time, now I even speak english to my Swedish friends.

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