Iceland, day 2

19 november, 2014

This day has been a long one. After a good night of sleep my host woke me up at seven o’clock. I can tell you it was even darker outside than in Sweden. My host, swedish friend and I had a breakfast consisting of toast and cereal with milk, and ten minutes before the school start we did set off. Of course my bag was already packed. We did a five minute walk, where I was trying my hardest not to slip on the frost. In pitch darkness.

This day we were introduced to the project, divided into groups and started programming a game in each group. I love how the students come up with these ideas about space goats, zombie apocalypses and genius back stories. The bigger, the better. Some of us made a short visit at a sociology class as well, but we left pretty early though we didn’t understand a word.

After school we were a group of friends who went downtown to the central Akureyri by bus. (They are free!) One of the friend’s dad is working at the police station (where I think five polices work) so we actually got a personal tour there. It was a prison as well. This was probably the highlight of the day since we could go see the cells, try on some really cool equipment and were told stories. We even had time for a ”fika” in the staff’s room.

The day ended officially with a meeting in school where we showed the parents today’s work.

Personally my day ended up in the sofa talking to my host family, petting their dog and eating Ahlgrens cars.

It’s quite funny though, it’s only the second day but I’ve already started thinking in English. A day full of impressions.


  1. Lena Apell - 20 november, 2014 21:45

    Vad roligt att läsa, tack för inspirerande resebrev! /lLena

  2. Maria - 20 november, 2014 22:49

    Mycket intressant! Nu vill jag också åka till Akureyri.