Iceland, day 1

18 november, 2014

After a long weekend of packing, we were finally in the car on our way to the airport. The atmosphere was quite tense, we were nervous, but excited at the same time.

On the airport the time went fast, and suddenly we were in our seat, ready for take off. I think everybody enjoyed the trip, at least no one complained at the movies that were available at the plane.

The excitement wasn’t gone when we arrived at the Keflavik airport, it was probably bigger. We found our bus driver, and well seated on the bus, Mikael turned on the ”computer game space music” and had it on the rest of the journey. It was not appreciated, and I don’t think anybody slept very well.

Under the bus journey Micke and Pontus asked us questions about volcano’s and programming, so even if we didn’t know anything before, we learned a lot during the bus trip. I think the highlight of the day were when we made a stop for pizza in Borgarnes. Everybody ate at least two really big slices.

When we arrived in Akureyri we were really excited to meet our hosts, and of course to get to bed.


  1. Lena Apell - 19 november, 2014 19:10

    Nice to hear from you Inez! And so well written! /Lena

    • Inez - 19 november, 2014 23:23

      Tack Lena!!!